• 4' X 50' UV Rated 85% Blockage Fence Privacy Screen Windscreen Shade Cover Fabric Mesh Tarp W/Grommets (145gsm)

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    Heavy-duty knitted construction coupled with high-grade material and multiple color choices makes for the best all-around fence screen on the market, and is manufactured using high grade knitted polyethylene (oil-based) material which will not mold or mildew. It provides minimum 85% visibility blockage due to the unique knit design, yet allows for excellent air passage through the fabric. Average outdoor life 3 - 5 years! 

    • Finished with edging and grommets on all side

    • Constructed of high density polyethylene

    • Raw material weights 4.3 oz./ square yard

    • Lock-stitch knitted mesh design

    • 25% lighter than woven fabric with dramatically more strength

    • Can be cut on site and will not unravel

    • Resists rips, tear, and fraying

    • 3 inch black binding tape with #4 brass grommets placed approx. every 2 ft. (all sides)

    • Maximum air passage

    • Water & UV resistant fabric

    • Available colors: Green, Black, Tan, Brown

    • Note: All standard fence screens are cut 4" less than actual fence height to ensure a proper, clean, and wrinkle-free fit on the fence.

    • Example – A  4' tall fence = 3'-8" actual height of the Privacy Fence Panels.